Cambodia Day 1: Weather

First Morning in Cambodia. 8am and it is 81 degrees. It’s going to take me a while to adjust to this heat again. It’s also the rainy season, also known as the Monsoon.

Weather in Cambodia can be divided into 4 periods:

1. November – February is the Cool and dry season (the season I personally love) the mid-day temperature would be around 68 degrees and sometimes even drop as low as 60 at night. I would definitely recommend this time period to visit Cambodia or Southeast Asia.

2. March – May is the hot and dry season where the sun will burn your skin but it will feel like heaven under the shade. But starting end of April, the wind will get heavier, it will be less breezy and humidity will start rising for the next seasons.

3. June – August, Hot and wet season, which is what I will be experiencing this summer. The monsoon rains begin early June, cooling just a little bit, the hot, humid air. The monsoon rain usually occurs in the afternoon or at night. The rain however, does not last very long and the rest of the day is sunny and happy.

Many people try to avoid visiting Southeast Asia during the wet seasons — understandable. But it is not a bad time of the year in cambodia. The monsoon rain leaves a clean, crisp, rain-washed air making it seem like the whole country washed itself. The sun comes right back up most of the time, drying the place right up!

4. September – Early November is the cool and wet season. The air doesn’t really begin to cool much until October or November but it is cooler than the hottest months. The rain ends through October and begins the best time of year to visit Cambodia.

So this morning, nearing the end of May, I’m on my way to breakfast in the heavy, humid air. But, I’m not complaining. This is a lot better than the unpredictable weather in Boston.


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