Cambodia Day-1: Food

Since I’m jet lagged and still adjusting to the time difference, I ended up waking up at 5am. Fun. First day back home, it’s mother & daughter time. So we decided to go get some breakfast. First breakfast back home, has to be a traditional khmer breakfast. So we decided to go get ka tieu, a traditional khmer noodle soup with rice noodles in pork broth. We went to a fancy place instead of the usual street restaurant we go to where there were dim sum as well.

Ka tieu

dim sum & ka tieu with mom

After the breakfast, I was left alone to do nothing — so I decided to binge on some music and tv. In Boston, I only get to watch American channels so when I turned on the TV to watch Star World (used to be my favorite channel after Cartoon Network turned weird and boring), I found “UK Got to Dance” and “Junior Master Chef“, which have become two of my favorite TV shows for the summer now.

UK Got to Dance was fun because the types of dance and the dancers on the show were so diverse! My favorite one was of this little 13 year old boy Luke who got bullied at school because he loves to dance modern. I thought his dance was really expressive and he literally danced with every single joint in his body.

Watch his dance:

Junior Master Chef was fun because they were kids cooking some ridiculously beautiful dishes. I wish I could cook like that! Very talented!

I think mom realized that I was really bored. And when it got to around 2 in the afternoon, I was starting to feel drowsy but of course, we all know that if I end up sleeping now, I will never adjust to this time difference! So mom and I decided to go to Java Cafe & Gallery (where I used to go a lot with friends for lunch on our half days in school)

Java Cafe & Gallery

The art on display was called 'Pore', wall sculptures by Sokhorn Meas, on display until June, 12

Beer, Wine, Chips, Chicken Salad

I ended up ordering a glass of Chardonnay, but I was a little disappointed with it because I could tell the bottle had been opened for a really long time. I drank it anyway. My mistake for ordering wine in Cambodia (shouldn’t have expected too much). I also ordered the special, which read ‘salad with fried chicken.’ I assumed I would get a bowl of salad with fried chicken on the top but it apparently meant fried chicken with lettuce on the side. Definitely not ordering that next time. This is why I hate trying new things on the menu – should’ve just stuck to what I usually get!

I’m amazed at how much prices have gone up but it still is a lot cheaper than Boston. All of that came out to about $11. I would kill for that price in Boston but in Cambodian standards, it is definitely expensive! After the wine, I was REALLY tired so all plans failed and I ended up coming home for a nap. Can’t wait until I get my sleeping pattern back!


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