Driving Around Phnom Penh

Since yesterday was mother-daughter time, I decided today to be a father-daughter time. Well, the truth is, yesterday morning, dad was at golf and this morning, mom’s at golf. So.. I have no choice. Not complaining though since the older I get, the less time I get to spend with my dad. It wasn’t as long and eventful as my day with mom but it still was fun!

We went to Gloria Jean’s Cafe (my sister’s favorite spot!) and each got coffee and decided to drive around the city. I love just looking at what things are changing in the city. I also love going for a drive so it was fun!

Driving around today made me think of the word eclectic. The city is like a mixture of modern, traditional, developed, poor & everything else!

It amazes me how the whole sky is covered with clouds!

On the way, we stopped to get some street snacks by the Boeung Keng Kang market

I would say it tasted like fried dough

Always amazed at how 'pale' I've become and how tanned dad is. I have some catching up to do this summer!

On the road, I decided to turn off my music and put on the radio which I haven’t heard in a while. I put on 97.5 love FM, which I used to DJ for for the ISPP Homeroom show on Saturday mornings. haha. I was DJ Latte and I would say, I sucked! but what memories. The DJ that was playing put on some interesting mix of music from Sean Kingston to Wondergirls and.. The Carpenters? Interesting choice of songs but listening to The Carpenters’ “Yesterday Once More” made me realize that I should listen to more older songs. It also made me nostalgic because when I first came to Cambodia in 1997, this was the song they were blasting everywhere! There were Khmer versions of it too. haha

So enjoy, 


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