Cambodia Day 3: A Morning For Pho

This jet lag thing is harder than I want it to be! I’ve also somehow managed to catch a cold which I dodged all throughout my winter in Boston. So being highly drugged and tired, I keep passing out at 7 in the evening and consequently, waking up at 4 in the morning. Being wide awake, I was really hungry so I decided to go out to get pho around 7am. Don’t get me wrong, I love ka tieu (Cambodian traditional noodle) but I LOVE pho. So we decided to go to a restaurant we often go for pho called Le Nouveau Pho de Paris. I like this place because they serve a variety choices of food. If you don’t want to get pho, they have Khmer food, Chinese food and even a plate of fried eggs and bread.

26 Monivong Boulevard, Phnom Penh , Cambodia Tel: 023-723-076

You can't miss it. It says PHO in the front with giant cow heads.

The whole menu is photographed so it's convenient to order.

In Khmer restaurants, they'll give you chopsticks and spoons in a glass of hot water for sanitary reasons

You will also always get a pot of tea. If you want a cold one, just ask for a glass of ice (although they normally charge you around 30cents for it)

I ordered 'summer rolls' which are a little different from ones you get in the US because they use a lot of cilantro and mint leaves.

My bowl of pho!

I ordered pho with flat rice noodles. It was reallly good!

Our usual routine is that after breakfast, we usually go take a drive around the city to look at the busy morning scene. So we took a short drive before dad had to go to work. There were so many monks in the city. I’m not sure if the number of monks in the city increased or it was just one of those days where I was noticing them more because I was paying more attention to them. Probably the latter.


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