Cambodia Day 3: A Night for the Body, Mind & Tummy!

After talking about it for the longest time, it’s finally SPA NIGHT! There is this spa I used to go to but it closed a few years ago and since then, I haven’t found anywhere else to go but I decided to give this Aziadée place a try. After picking up my friend (who is visiting me for a week) from the airport, we went for a relaxing aromatherapy massage.

The place wasn’t too difficult to find. It was in the Boung Keng Kang area, two blocks from Sihanouk Blvd. near st.63. It’s hard to miss since there is a green sign that reads Aziadee with a wide open gate.

I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere as I walked in. Dimmed lights, orange walls, clean & simple layout - it was very calming. (That cat never moved from the counter)

They didn't have any high beds available so we decided to take the rooms with beds on the floor. The room was similar to the lounge area. Orange & Simple - and with AC!

There's a robe (right on the bed) for you to put around when you take your clothes off.

The aromatherapy was $18 for one hour but there was a special promotion where if you get an hour of aromatherapy or deep tissue massage, you get 30 minutes for free. So 90 minutes of awesome aromatherapy massage for $18. What a deal! It was really relaxing & soothing. Just what I needed for my tired and jet lagged body. There’s a variety of choices for those that don’t like oily massages. There’s also a list of different facials, baths, and waxing options too. The only thing I wish they had done was to wipe our bodies with hot towels at the end so we didn’t have to go home feeling oily and sticky. But overall, I’m definitely going back (pretty often!) throughout the summer.

After our massages, we were hungry so I decided to take my friend to Elsewhere (all-time favorite gathering place). Elsewhere is one of my favorite spots because it makes you feel like you are at your garden just relaxing. It’s never too hot because it’s surrounded by trees. They also have two pools where you can swim or even just put your feet in!

Dinner & Drinks at Elsewhere.

Drinks are a little bit more expensive than other places but still reasonable. A cocktail is around 3 - 4 us dollars and food ranges from $2.50 to $7

Chicken Teriyaki

I ordered chips with dips. I assumed that the chips would be from the bag but the sweet potato chips on the top were fried fresh and REALLY good! I wish the dips were more flavorful though. It was a little too bland for me.

I love the atmosphere and the different types of seatings available.

Overall, it was a very relaxing night, which was exactly what I needed after three days of trying to fight off my jet lag. I also stayed up a lot later than I usually do (which is 7pm) so it was a success!

Stay tuned for posts on my trip to Sihanoukville, the beach, which I’m leaving for very soon!


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