Sihanoukville: Beachin’ it.

Wake up. Eat. Swim. Tan. Sleep. Eat. Drink. Drink. Drink. Dance. Drink. Sleep.

The beach is the only place where I can really relax and enjoy having nothing to do. Usually having free time stresses me out because I always feel like I should be doing something productive.

It’s not the tourist season yet so the beach wasn’t as crowded and  loved it! The people that are at the beach during this time of the year are people who have been traveling for a long time, have been to other places or people who have settled in Sihanoukville for a few weeks to even few months. We met some amazing people on the trip and generally had a great time. I would definitely recommend traveling this time of the year for people who like to relax and meet interesting groups of people.

Places to stay:

There are a lot of places to stay at the beach but we usually stay on beach road at the Beach Road Hotel. It’s clean, relatively safe and convenient since it is located near a lot of good restaurants, bars and most importantly, the beach. The rooms are around $25 and there’s a nice pool, which is always a nice change from going to the beach. We usually split the room between 2 people so it doesn’t cost as much.

However, there are cheaper places to stay that are clean and nice as well. The only downside is the pool, which I guess isn’t too big of a sacrifice since you are at the beach anyway.

Places to hang out: 

Every night, we did bar hopping but always ended up going to the same places. We usually start off dinner at one of the restaurants on the bar. Our favorite place to go to was the Dolphin Shack, where we can sit on the beach and order food/drinks. The food was good and also cheap like many places on the beach. You can usually get a plate of fried rice, fried noodles, Amok (Khmer curry) and Lok Lak (Khmer stirfry beef) for $3 to $5. Drinks are very cheap as well. Eating on the beach is always really relaxing. The only downside is that there are a lot of street kids selling things so if you want to relax or just chat with your friends, you are going to have to shun away a lot of the children.

You can't miss the Dolphin Shack.

I ordered the fried noodles - it was $4. The quality.... it was $4.

After the dinner, we went down to JJ’s where the bartenders were awesome! On one of the nights, there was a fire party, where there were some intense fire shows and a fire limbo! They played a lot of good music – good variety – but mostly focused on dubstep. Overall, our nights at JJ’s were very fun and I would definitely recommend people to drop by.

JJ's! Home of Fuckin Awesome Music

We made some awesome friends at the beach!


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