Cambodia: Savoring Time, Wine & Culture.

I love food. And I really enjoy good food. I’m not usually the picky type. I’ll eat anything and try everything because food is the biggest thing about culture. Never polite to say any type of food is disgusting because people eat that stuff and the reason they do is because it’s part of who they are, their culture and their history.

I like going out and trying things and being exposed to things. A type of cuisine I never say no to is Lebanese food. If I had to pick top three, Lebanese is definitely up there. So when I got an invitation on Facebook to a Lebanese wine tasting event with free Tapas, there’s no way I was going to miss that.

The ticket was $20. Pretty pricey but if you calculate it, it’s reasonable. You get 6 glasses of wine and free food – now, if you say a glass of wine here is usually $3, then already, just wine is $18 if you drink 6 glasses. So I decided to go and try lebanese wine. Also.. I love wine. It’s pretty much the only thing I drink and there are just so many memories with wine – it’s also a very romantic drink – a drink where you can savor the moment and treasure time. Whoever I am drinking wine with, it’s always someone I truly appreciate – like a best friend, a family member etc.

I’m not a connoisseur though – I really don’t know what kind of wine I like – I just love the bitter and sourness that lingers at the end.

The event itself was not a very big, mingling type of event. People were sitting in their own groups so there was no interaction in between. When seated, we were served wine glass by glass and there was a waitress going around with a tray of tapas.

There were six wines in total. Two white, one rose and three red.

Wine 1: Sauvignon Blanc
This wine had one type of grape in it but there was no other information. It was sweet but not too sweet. There was no lingering aroma at the end though which was a shame.

Wine 2: Clos Blanc, Domaine wardy 2007
this wine is a blend of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and voigner. It offers subtle aromas of fruits and nuts, mild on the palate with notes of almond. This wine definitely was very smooth but I preferred the first one because it was almost blend and boring for me.

Wine 3: Rose Du Printemps, Domaine Wardy, 2007
This is a fruity rose with red berries and caramel flavors. I enjoyed it but don’t really have anyopinions about it. It was Nothing that struck me.

Wine 4: Les Terroirs, Domaine Wardy 2005
This was defintiely my favorite. I actually really enjoyed this wine. It’s made from a blend of cabernet sauvignon, cinsault and merlot. It offers very goof structure and smooth ripe tannins. I loved the taste and smell it left at the end after each sip.

Wine 5: Merlot, Domaine Wardy 2005
This is an expressive red wine, evoking aromas of ripe prunes and red fruits. Its palate reveals the balance of smooth tannins mingled with a warm spicy touch. I liked this wine but not as much as the previous one.

Wine 6: Cabernet Sauvignon, coteaux Du Liban 2005
Honestly speaking, I had tried too much wine at this moment and couldn’t really taste much. This wine is produced from a vineyard in Bekaa valley. It has a ruby color, is very harmonious and well balanced with a soft tannin and aromas of blackcurrents and raspberries.

The tapas that came with it were Hummus, Feta cheese rolls, etc. I did enjoy that tapas but it would have been nice if the wine was served with specific samples of foods that goes well with it.

Overall, very good night with wine, food, and chats with friends.

More photos of the event by here.

Photos of Event coming soon!


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