A Soaking Trip to Kep – Pt. 1

First night in Kep:

Last weekend, we decided to gather and take a weekend trip to Kep. It was more of a spontaneous trip actually. Since we are all working during the weekdays, we gathered Friday afternoon to take our car and drive down to Kep. The last time I was there it was in 2008 to go volunteer for a few days (pulling out weeds from the ground of an old stadium to create a playground for the children) and I didn’t get to enjoy the place as much.

There were 8 of us in total. Two of them went down on their dirt bikes (which I would recommend people to do but be careful!) and the rest of us took the car. There are buses to Kep though! Only for about $5 so just drop by any of the travel agencies or a bus company by the riverside in Phnom Penh to book your bus. Also, remember from my last post – do not take the Paramount Angkor Bus. Read my awful trip on that bus here.

We didn’t do as much sightseeing as we had hoped but it was relaxing nonetheless. It was exactly what I needed after my first week of work. The place we stayed at first night was The Beach House.  I remember staying at this hotel a few years ago. I also happen to know the owner’s children since they went to or go to my high school. It’s a cool little place up on a hill. The rooms are clean, and the whole area is covered with trees. Like as if we were camping in a forest but with tiled floors, AC, TV and wifi. The trees did their parts in having some creepy crawlers that my sister did not find fond of.. but no harm there.

I do recommend this place – the rooms are nice, clean, and it’s close to the beach. No complaints there.

Our night started with dinner. It was 9pm but we were all hungry from the road trip down. We had left Phnom Penh at around 5pm so that meant no dinner for us. We sat down at the hotel ‘lobby’ (I put lobby in quotes because it’s not like the typical lobbies you see at hotels), an outdoor area next to the outdoor pool with a restaurant and bar attached to it. Actually, the check-in counter is the bar. Anyway, we ordered things like fried rice, curry, noodles and.. pancakes..?
After our dinner, we brought out the alcohol we had bought in Phnom Penh – this is due to several reasons. Minimarts were very hard to find in Kep – they also closed very early – and.. alcohol was not exceptionally cheap. My friends, knowing this, decided that we should buy drinks for the trip. It was our stay-in night. After a few drinks, we walked down to the beach – conveniently located right across the street from the hotel and sat with our guitar, singing old classics. A very good, relaxing way to end our night.

Images of the The Beach House taken from the hotel’s website!

I would like to say photos of the night coming soon, but I don’t know if I want to post them. Will evaulate and let you know. But, I can definitely say, Pt.2 of our weekend in Kep is coming up!

Photos of Kep are up! HERE!!


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