A Soaking Trip to Kep – Pt.2

continued from Pt.1

Morning After:

This is where I explain the title. Why the trip to Kep resulted us soaked and drenched. Keep in mind, it is the rainy season. Being tired from my week of waking up at 6:30am everyday, I was so glad to sleep in. Woke up, it was 10am. The Beach House was booked out for the weekend so.. we had to check out. Booo :(

Originally, we were going to stay at Veranda… but my sister, who had rushed over to get us two rooms, after receiving an email from them saying that there were two rooms left, let a lady cut her in line.. and of course.. didn’t end up getting a room. “Idiot!” I said over the phone. “But.. I love you.”

So.. we eventually ended up checking out and staying at a ‘hotel’ half built. It was literally a construction site.. with unfinished stairs.. and construction materials lying around everywhere. Still, the rooms were done, we had AC, and the mattresses were new. We were basically the first customers there. Woohoo! So we settled there, no time to waste, decided to go to the Rabbit Island. (Koh Tonsay)

Rabbit Island – I’ve only heard of this place but have never been there yet. So we picked up our drinks and our boat tickets ($7 per person for a round trip – expensive but how else will you get there, right?) and I hopped on to the back of my friend’s dirtbike to go to where the boat was.. bad idea. I knew something was going to happen! Ended up with the first casualty of the summer – and the first cut I have had in years! Thanks love. haha I still do love you though so don’t feel too bad. :P

First casualty of my summer.

It was pretty gross.. but I mean, we were at the beach.. and after the ‘soaking’ trip, it was fine.

We got on the boat despite the fact that the weather didn’t look too pretty. When we got to the beach, we unloaded everything and told the boat driver (is that what you call them?) to meet us here at 4pm. The walk to the beach was long.. through the grass and trees – unpaved road – Not fun with a bleeding leg but we got there eventually. The beach, is unlike the beaches in Sihanoukville. Very unkept and untouched. Not many places to sit, a lot of stray dogs, not many restaurants etc etc. We settled at a wooden table looking area where you can sit on the top and then…. it started POURING. We grabbed all of our stuff and ran into a restaurant, covered area. Not the cleanest place but we sat there. Although we have grown up in Cambodia seeing all the weird critters, my sister and I are still not fans – actually, we are terrified.. so me, sitting in the restaurant, I was all tensed up.

We ordered food even though we weren’t hungry yet and waited until the rain went away (which was not long) – the sky was clearing out so we decided to head out again and settle outside. Eventually, it was time for us to go back (It was almost 4pm). We walked back to the area where our boat was and loaded everything on the boat. Just as we were about to start the engine and go, uh-oh! Thunderstorm ahead.

The boat driver told us we should stay and wait until it passes. So we waited for an hour. Sat with the locals sitting outside drinking Khmer Whisky, exchanged our drinks, poured them shots of Vodka, watch my sister fall on her ass, waited for two friends to come back from whereever they wandered off to and got back on the boat – storm which we thought had passed, came back – It was almost sunset, we didn’t want to stay here so we said “Let’s go anyway!”

The boat driver then warned us, everything will get wet – we had cameras,  ALOT of cameras, and phones, etc. So we tied them all in a plastic bag and instead of putting the life jackets on us, we covered our pile of bags with them. I.. also lay down on them so that they won’t fly away.

The boat ride back was insane – it was like a roller coaster but scarier – since we could’ve actually flipped over. Is it crazy for me to say that I was more concerened about our bags than actually getting hurt? Anyway, it was the scariest boat ride ever and the waves were huge. We were completely soaked – might as well have swam back. But we arrive.. safe and sound. Phew! and.. soaked! It was so cold! I had never been this cold in Cambodia!

Anyway, so upset that we didn’t get any sunshine and that I didn’t get to enjoy Rabbit Island due to the rain but it was adventurous. Definitely worth talking about at a cocktail party after mentioning about my trip to the beach in a container box.

I wish we had some pictures from the boat ride – but our cameras wouldn’t have survived that. So here are some photos of the trip by Abby Smith instead. My own photos will come soon – I just need to arrange all of them first.


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