First Guest Blog: EK’s Weekend Trip to Bangkok- Please, No Hangover3! (Day2)

Continued from Day 1.

Waking up in the morning after a long night out was painful. Check out time was noon but I had gone to my hotel at 4am and then stayed up to watch movies on HBO. Not a good idea. I took my daily vow never to drink again, which seemed easier that day considering the fact that the no-alcohol rule was now in effect.

I checked out of my hotel, they didn’t have a free room for another night and went to meet a friend at Siam square. Though I mentioned that the public transport system was great, during a massive hangover, you just want to take a taxi everywhere. However, I couldn’t do so because there were too many of them who knew, from my typical touristy bagpack, that I didn’t know my way around Bangkok very well and they would have easily gone through the longer route to take me to my destinations making me pay a fortune. So I took the BTS again, to Siam station. As Siam is one of the main shopping places, the BTS was packed with people. I was literally stuck in the middle and had to push myself out of the train.

Once I got there, the crowd seemed to be growing in size. I found my friend and we went to McDonalds for a quick lunch. One of my bad tendencies is to overeat at fast food joints. So after my McSpicy chicken burger, 9 piece chicken nuggets, large fries and a large coke, I felt like sh**. I had to find a hotel for the night so we went to an internet cafe and started hunting for one.

The one hotel that we were so compelled by was Lub D Hostel. It was a dorm-style hotel that seemed to be really interesting. It was priced at about 10$ a night so we went to the Siam branch to see if we could get a room. They were full so they directed us to their Silom branch which still had rooms. One advice for staying at hotels in Bangkok is to book ahead! Everything that I did was last minute, including buying the plane ticket and booking hotels. It was a lot more expensive then it could have been. Walking into a hotel to stay the night will cost you 30% more than early bookings. So from the Siam branch we booked the Silom branch of Lub d and got it a lot cheaper than it would be to just walk in.

We took the BTS (again) back to Silom and checked it. Again, it was cheap, clean and interesting. 

As soon as we checked in, we decided to go see a movie. We went to Central World and bought tickets to watch The Hangover Part 2. We had dinner in the food court, which was a lot cheaper than I expected. After dinner we headed straight to the cinema and enjoyed the movie. I thought the movie was hilarious but a bit skewed. They made Bangkok look a lot more rural and crappy than it actually is. Also, though it was funny at some points, the monk jokes got to be a bit too extreme and I could see where the criticism rises from, especially after knowing how Buddhism centered Bangkok is.

After the movie, disregarding the no alcohol rule, we headed down to Nana again. We decided not to go to Khao San, where all the tourists hang out mainly because we didn’t want to be the cast of Hangover 3. Nana is still a fun party place.  There are still a lot of tourists there and of course, a lot of lady boys. However, all the major bars and clubs were closed so we walked around to find a very interesting and quiet place. We walked in to see a lot of people drinking coffee and tea! I thought it was because of the no alcohol rule. But before we walked in, we asked the staff if they were serving alcohol, most places answered with a ‘no’ but this one said ‘yes’ (YES!). I was a bit puzzled to see everyone drinking coffee and tea at possibly the only place in Nana that was serving alcohol. We ordered two Chang beer draughts and waited. Believe it or not, they were serving beer in coffee mugs to avoid getting in trouble with the police. No wonder a lot of people were drinking ‘coffee’ that night.

Again the BTS was closed by the time we got out, so we took a taxi back to the hostel. At the hostel we saw a bunch of people drinking beer and thought maybe the hostel was serving. We found out that they had bought beer from another guest house that was secretly selling beer. We went to check the guesthouse out and bought some beer. The lady that was selling made it clear to us that if the police asks where we got our beer from, that we tell them “7-11” to make sure she didn’t get in trouble. So back at our hotel, we opened the beer bottles with my lighter (classy!) and started drinking. I deduced that the government made it clear that “Serving alcohol is prohibited during pre-elections”, however easily assumable that it meant that drinking would be prohibited too, they did not clarify the role of the drinker! So with great pride in my deduction and the fact that I found beer, I finished my last day in Bangkok with a few drinks and a game of Jenga.

Though I came at a bad weekend, and my lack of planning did cause me to spend a lot of money I had a lot of fun, visiting my two friends and enjoying my little dose of civilization.


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