Cambodia: Still more to learn pt.2

Cont’d from Pt. 1
Conditions in the villages in Prey Veng were bad. And there were specific cases of families that really.. really affected me. But I don’t think it’s right for me to share with you these stories because it’s their lives and their privacy too. I would be glad to talk to you one-on-one and share with you my experience but would prefer not to disclose it online, in public. instead, I leave you with some pictures I took while Iwas in Prey Veng.

I took all of these photos but still, I took some of them for UNICEF to use so if you would like to use these photos for any purposes, please, let me know before hand. It would be awful to have these photos used out of context. Thanks!

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These photos are up on my Flickr as well!


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