Cambodia: My First Attempt at Kickboxing!

Whyyy have I not tried this before? Afterall, I was here for 12 years before I left and tried virtually every sport I could lay my hands on. It never occured to me how fun kickboxing would be until.. last night!

I’m a sports freak. I love playing sports (watching.. yes.. but not as much. I only watch basketball and soccer). In high school, I played basketball, volleyball, soccer, occasional touch rugby, attempted softball, ran an hour everyday for two years non-stop, etc.. you get the idea. HOWEVER, my sister is even more of a freak than I am.. and sad but I will agree that she is waaay better than I am. She’s athletic and at times.. kinda scary. haha. Anyway, she has been doing kickboxing for a while now.. and she invited me to come along. Although I was hesitant at first, I went anyway.

The ‘gym’ is located near the russian market. I’ll get back to you with the specific address. It’s an open area gym with a roof .. almost looks like a parking lot. But it has fitness equipments on one side, and kickboxing equipments and area on the other with two rinks at the back. It’s not a fancy gym like the one I’ve recently joined (which by the way, is awesome and I’ve been going everyday). You pay $5 for.. unlimited amount of time.. but you know, reasonable.. don’t stay ALL day there.. that’s just crazy and rude. And once you do, go inside, linger around for a bit.. instructors are everywhere so one will approach you (if not, you approach them) and will ask if it’s your first time. You say yes, and he will teach you how to stand, jab, punch, step..etc.

It was my first time there yesterday so I learned how to jab and punch.. it was.. tiring but so much fun. There were a lot more foreigners than locals there.. and because there were so many people, not everyone got the chance to do one-on-one practices with the instructors but.. I did! hehe.

Here’s a random photo from 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Kickboxing Training. :D

I’m definitely going to go back there. If you are around, and want to experience kickboxing, check the place out.. or come with me! :) Will be glad to let you know the next time I go.

I obviously did not take any pictures while I was there so instead, enjoy a little YouTube video of basic kickboxing my sister made me watch before I went.



I found this information on, which is one of the sites I recommended! (For a reason! Obviously) and I’m pretty sure that this is the place I went to yesterday for kickboxing.

Paddy’s Gym
46 Street 428
(near Russian Market)
Phnom Penh
T: 012 217 877

Foreigners can learn the art of Khmer kickboxing at Paddy’s Gym in Phnom Penh. Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm and cost $5, which includes a day pass to the gym. The classes focus on cardio fitness and striking techniques. Training in 3-minute rounds, students learn the proper mechanics of punching, elbow strikes, knees and kicking. Once the basics are understood, combination techniques follow. Personal Training can also be arranged.

Read more here.


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