Cambodia & Elsewhere

I have talked about Elsewhere too many times to not dedicate a post on it. Elsewhere is a bar located on st.278 right off of st.51 (Pasteur) but.. to me, it’s more than just a bar. There are just way too many memories with the name Elsewhere that even though.. the location, the people and the prices changed.. (no, not cheaper) I still go back no matter what. It has more to do with the fact that I absolutely love this place and its settings.

Growing up in Cambodia.. there wasn’t much to do. We went to school everyday.. and for me, it was followed by either.. band practice, soccer practice, volleyball practice, basketball practice, fitness club, dance practice, going to the gym, chinese lessons, running club and occasional other club meetings and/or yoga or rugby (touch rugby.. but I say rugby to make me sound tough). **Ok, maybe I was busy.. but it wasn’t really the same for everyone else.. I like to be busy and try different things.. plus, I was a sports junkie so it doesn’t count.

However, we didn’t have many things to do socially. No cinemas, no real shopping malls.. just a random mall that sells cheap (most of the time tacky) imported products from China.. and the russian market. But come on.. living here for 12 years or so.. it really gets boring..

So.. what did we do in high school? You guessed it.. we went out. I do admit though… even though one of the reasons we went out was because there was nothing to do.. the main reason was..simply..because we could. Drinking age.. definitely not reinforced here. However, the only thing that could get in the way was our parents. I don’t know what it is though.. being in Cambodia, most of the parents become really laid back too. My parents were..definitely. We were of course, not really allowed to go to half of the places we went to.. but parents were very supportive of us hanging out at Elsewhere.

At times, parents, even teachers came to hang out with us at Elsewhere too.

I have to describe to you the set up of this place. It’s like an open area, a garden.. with very comfy seats, a swimmingpool (now, there are two) and nice drinks, good food (the food menu changed a little though). My favorite drink there… if you haven’t guessed it yet from my previous posts, is their Mojito.

The new Elsewhere:

The new Elsewhere - wish I had pics of the old one

The new Elsewhere - wish I had pics of the old one

Usually, people refer to it as a ‘girly’ place.. (by people, I mean guys) and the drinks are not the cheapest. But we loved starting off at Elsewhere. It was our meeting spot before we moved on to our next set of bars. It’s where we said “Elsewhere at 8?” and met up with people we didn’t even have to promise about meeting. It was a routine, almost a ritual. We then sat around by the pool, some of us in shorts/skirts dangling our feet in the pool, grabbing $3 cocktails, chatting and relaxing.. prepping ourselves for a REAL night out.

I definitely have too many memories of this place. Right now, I’m back.. none of my Elsewhere members are here.. and that sucks.. but I’ll go back there no matter what. All the memories have shaped my views of Elsewhere – almost a safe haven..almost like a home .. a place where I know nothing could go wrong.. 

So if you haven’t realized, I’ve been spending a lot of my weekends there.. swimming, tanning, reading.. and per usual, grabbing a glass of Mojito. I don’t think I could ever let go of this place. Definitely can’t wait until my friends are back to reunite.

I was here last weekend reading..

Elsewhere (along with some other Fresco) is our Central Perk.. except, in Cambodia and way cooler.

Here are some old pics of us at Elsewhere – not all taken by me. Most of the pictures I had were too embarassing to put up.. haha

My too gorgeous friends! - at the old Elsewhere

When I came back last christmas


3 thoughts on “Cambodia & Elsewhere

  1. This was right up the road from where we were staying. Kept meaning to check it out and somehow never got around to it! :-P Guess that’s yet another reason I’ll have to go back to Phnom Penh some day. :-) Nice new layout for your blog by the way!

    • Yea, I love going to this place! If you come back to Cambodia, you should check it out. haha. I was getting sick of the old layout and thought it was time for a change. Amazing photos from Siem Reap by the way. Safe travels!

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