Indulge: 7 links

I know I have posts drafted but I recently got nominated by fellow travel bloggers, Siracusas, to participate into Tribases’s 7 links project. I read theirs, it sounded fun so I decided to go ahead and try one myself. Thanks guys for sending me the link along! :)

1) Most Beautiful Post: Photo Walk Cambodia: More Photos

I guess I’m going to have to stick with my photography posts especially the one where I went on my photowalk. I got to look at some pretty cool things in detail walking around Phnom Penh with a group of photographers and found  colors and patterns I neglected to look at while living in Cambodia.

2) Most Popular Post: Luang Prabang: Places to go and things to see

Map of Luang Prabang is not really available for tourists - you can purchase them but I don't think Luang Prabang is that big anyway. Just save this image on a phone or print it out before you go!

My post on Luang Prabang is definitely the most popular. I think it has to do with the fact that Luang Prabang is becoming one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia at the moment. A lot of the people coming into my blog are finding my posts by searching ‘Luang Prabang’ on Google. I hope my post on this helps those who are traveling there this season!

3) Most Controversial Post: Cambodia: Still more to learn pt.1

Preschool in Prey Veng Village

I try not to be too controversial but I do like to express my honest feelings especially when it comes to NGOs and voluntourism. I also am pretty blunt when it comes to poverty and the government in Cambodia. I think this post is the most controversial post. I tried to be objective but I also let myself share what was on my mind freely to some extent. I think to some it might not be a new topic but I did get a lot of reviews from readers quoting that it was an interesting perspective that made people really think about the issue.

4) Most Helpful Post: Cambodia: Going to Tuol Sleng, just a couple of tips

S21. Barbed wire taken from

I hope most of my posts are helpful but if I had to pick one, it would be this post since I have proof that it was helpful! haha.

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Awful but Awesome road trip to the beach

Our container which was ALOT better than the party bus.

This post is a funny one but I didn’t know so many people would read it! It was more of a personal experience story rather than an informational one but I’m glad people got a kick out of reading it! :)

6) A Post I Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved: First Guest Blog: Ek’s Weekend Trip to Bangkok – Not so Hangover 2

Ooo This is a hard one. But I would have to say that it’s the guest post about Bangkok. I had fun reading this and thought it suggested a lot of good places. So I would say this one!

7) The Post I’m Most Proud Of: Cambodia: This summer, Killing Fields in a no-go for me

The reason I chose this post is simple. I want readers to find out all the wonderful things about Cambodia and Southeast Asia, the great food, culture, things to do, etc. but my main goal of this blog is to promote responsible tourism. Having some background in history and having some knowledge on its past is a must and I wanted to put that message across, which is what I attempted to do in this post.


So there you have it! My 7 links! hehe. Once again, thank you Siracusas for the nomination.

And as part of the game, I am nominating these 5 bloggers! Have fun guys!

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