Not my best week here.

This week hasn’t been all that great. Actually, it has been awful. :S

Monday started out great! Work, the gym, Nerd Night at Pontoon.. Nerd Night was great! I loved seeing pontoon’s dance floor all set up with Khmer wedding chairs. Pontoon was also a lot brighter than it normally is and it wasn’t too crowded. I had my Gin & Tonic, a great group of friends and a set of funny/fun speakers talking about ‘BroUnion,’ ‘Men vs. Women’ and many more. I also ended up meeting Kosal, who raps for the women and children of Cambodia. Check his videos out here.

Then came Tuesday, I was not feeling too well but I went to work.. and stared at the computer screen trying to get past the day. I managed to do so and thinking that I just need to get up and start moving around, I decided to hit the gym again in the evening. BAD IDEA. I felt not-so-good so mom and I decided to go get an Ayurvedic massage. AWESOME IDEA. I ended up buying a package of dried infusion tea which they give me everytime I go. It’s so good! I’m taking a few back to Boston :)

Wednesday, I was feeling worse when I woke up. Decided to go into work a little late. That didn’t happen so instead I worked at home. The weather was gloomy and rainy all day so it helped me get some work done. I decided I was feeling better and went to the gym AGAIN and right after, I went kickboxing too!

Thursday, pretty obvious.. throughout the night my throat was killing me, I had a fever.. I felt like I was going to throw up.. yea. It wasn’t too great. So Thursday…. I stayed in bed all day feeling crappy. I had my interview at night for my Fall internship in Boston and being nervous didn’t help me either.

Today is Friday. I’m just glad this week is ending. I just need a weekend of doing… nothing. Which is what I’m planning to do.

I’m blaming my awful-ness on the awful weather in Cambodia at the moment. It is the rainy season but usually it’s sunny and bright most of the day and just downpour for 20-30mins. But this week, there has been one too many days of all-day gloomy weathers. :(


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