Spreading no other than…. BEER PONG in Cambodia

The title says it all. It was an international Beer Pong night last Friday at Score Bar. I don’t know how it got picked up but the North American expat population has definitely increased in Cambodia since the last time I was here and miss their college life. Australians and Europeans..? Well, turns out they have never played it before! So my sister and a friend organized a Beer Pong night. What started out as just a gathering of friends from all over the world ended up..well… “I don’t know.. I don’t remember” kind of a night. It was fun though! This is how Beer Pong is spreading in Cambodia. I hear that there are a few bars are trying to regulate Beer Pong here so keep your eyes open for the next event!

yes, there was a beer pong shirt - no, I did not wear one.

What's Beer Pong without red cups? Took a while to hunt them down!

More cups

Score Bar was awesome enough to put up a sign for us! Love it!

The Culprits - Beer Pong girls

Teaching Beer Pong to Aussies!


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