What to do in Cambodia on a bright, sunny day!

I just wrote a post on what to do on a gloomy day but I have to top that off with what to do on a sunny day. Although.. this is kind of hard because there are so many things to do on a sunny day! Especially in Cambodia because well.. it’s mostly sunny! But I thought I would share with you… What I would do RIGHT NOW if I wasn’t stuck indoors.

1) Go swimming.

Catching up on my summer reading.

This is a given, no? If I wasn’t stuck in the office right now, I would grab my bikini, my book and my ipod and go to Elsewhere. Now, I understand that Elsewhere lately has been full of little kids. But if you don’t mind that, it’s a great place to go. There are other places too but it’s not free and as free. You could go to the gym down the street called ‘The Place’ but it’s $15 for a day pass. Unless you get a membership, not worth it. Although.. it is isolated and very clean. Don’t have to worry about having people outside staring at you while you try to sun bathe (especially for the ladies). Well, just know that there are a lot of outdoor pools in Cambodia so it won’t be hard to find one. There’s one in most of the hotels here. Not sure how much it is but I’m sure it’s all below $20.

2) Go grab a camera and walk around the city taking photos!

Going on a Photowalk :)

A great day to walk around and explore the city! Go snap away at everything and anything you see. Photowalks are so fun! There are also planned group photowalks like the last one I went to. The next one is coming up this weekend I think! I’ll let you know when the details are finalized. If not, like their facebook page!

3) Go market hopping!

Early morning, start with the Central Market (Psah T’mai). Watch as people buy fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. You probably don’t need them.. especially if you are traveling.. but it’s a nice scene to watch/capture. I love outdoor markets! Then, move onto the Russian Market (Psah Tuol Tom Pong) for souvenir shopping. Then, go to… actually.. just go to these two because after you see both, the rest all look the same. After the Russian Market, go down to Cafe Yejj or Jars of Clay to quench your thirst and grab a nice meal while you are there. I went to Cafe Yejj last time and looooved their Seafood Mezze! Read about it here.

4) Pick up a book and go lounge in a cafe – nothing like a combination of iced americano and AC.

At Brown cafe with Goose. http://goorace.tumblr.com/

Ok, ok. I cheated.. but I like lounging at a cafe reading indoors with AC and a glass of icy drink on a sunny day. I know I mentioned it in my previous post so go read that instead! :)

5) Be a tourist!

Above, I wrote about what I would do.. but the truth, that’s because I’m not so much a tourist here. I’ve been to the national museum, the Royal Palace.. and all those other places. On a day like this, as a tourist, just go out and be a tourist! And when you are done, you can go come back to this list and do all the other things I just mentioned. The truth is, you don’t want to waste a beautiful day like this so go to all the places you were planning to go! And, while you are at it, make sure to visit Tuol Sleng and the Killing Fields.. I’ve already explained why here.

Also, note that.. all the things you can do while it’s raining in Cambodia, you can still do when it’s sunny and bright. But… that’s completely up to you!


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