What to do in Cambodia on a Rainy, Gloomy Day

So.. guess what?! The sun is finally out after a long, dreadful week. Actually, I think it was more than a week.. like 3 weeks! (Now I’m just exaggerating) Anyway, the sun’s finally out.. and I’m stuck indoors but I’m not complaning.. the sun’s finally out!

I hate it as much as you do.. the rainy, gloomy days in Cambodia. I need sunlight to be active and energetic.. but the humid, dark, rainy days have me feeling under the weather lately. ( HA! Get it..? yea, sorry.. I’m sick! :( )

Anyway, so I decided to put together a list of things to do in Cambodia while the weather is crappy. Because trust me, there are going to be more of those gloomy days. We can never predict the weather in Cambodia.. that’s I think mostly due to the fact that we lack weather forecast systems here but anyway…

1) Get a Massage!

I’m sure you have seen in my other posts about getting a nice massage. Check out my favorite place in Cambodia, Aziadee! I wrote about it here. They have monthly promotions at awesome prices! In July, it was the 90-mins Ayurvedic Massage which only cost $18. I usually leave around $2 for tip. They also have this awesome infusion tea they give you when you get there. It’s easy to find – two streets from Sihanouk Blvd. on the way to Boeung Keng Kang Market. On st. 63, just go down past Sihanouk and turn left ont he second street!

2) Watch a Movie at Flicks!

I have mentioned this place a number of times before. Check the full schedule here.

3) Lounge around at the tacky malls here.

There are a lot of malls here with tacky imported things from China. The main one is Sorya Mall (who knew it had a wikipedia page?) – the one located right next to the Central Market. You can find weird, awesome, tacky things here but at times, there are hidden gems if you look really, really hard. Good luck! I think it’s worth the experience.. There are also few restaurants inside so if you get sick of walking around, you could always grab pizza or a burger at the fast food chains there.

4) Pick up a book and go lounge in a cafe – nothing like a combination of hot cappuccino and rain.

If you go down St.51 (Pasteur) by Boeung Keng Kang, there are a lot of Cafes like Gloria Jeans, Brown or Cafe Fresco. Your choice! I like all three of them. To have more of a ‘work’ feeling, I say hit Brown Cafe. For a bright, loungy feeling, go to Cafe Fresco. For a little more loungy, natural feeling kind of place, go to Gloria Jeans. If not, go to Java Gallery for good food and drinks! Java is also an art gallery and out of all the cafes, I think it has the best food selection! There are also indoors and outdoors sitting for Java, Cafe Fresco and Gloria Jeans.

My top pick to just sit and read would be Java since you can spend a lot of time there and stay for food as well! :)

5) Or grab your laptop and go lounge in a cafe. There’s free wifi in a lot of the cafes in Cambodia. So just go, grab a cup of coffee and surf through some travel blogs. That’s what I’ve been doing lately and I can’t get enough of them! Here’s a good list of travel blogs I love!


What do you like to do on a rainy day? Any ideas? Let me know!


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