Photo Walk Cambodia: Boeung Kak Lake

I went to my last Photo Walk Cambodia today. Both events have been fun! This time we went to the lake where all the backpackers used to go. At the lake, you could get anything and everything you wanted to. There were rooms from $3 a night. Now, the whole area is covered and undergoing constructions. So we decided to go see and capture what remains of the notorious place.

The sad news is that my camera died the first 30 minutes into the walk :( This totally bummed me out but I had my iPhone with me and my polaroid camera with me so it wasn’t too awful. I finally got to take pictures with the photo apps. A lot of times I feel like it’s cheating when I use photo apps to take ‘cool’ looking pictures but it was fun nonetheless. My polaroid films are really old and bad so I wanted to use them up before I order new ones. That resulted in me snapping away at anything, everything I saw and being experimental. Of course I didn’t end up getting as many good photos as I had hoped.

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I will upload these photos on Flickr soon!


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