My last three weeks in Cambodia: Preview

This is a quick update on what’s going on + what will be happening in my last three weeks in Cambodia. My best friend from highschool is here!! It’s so exciting. I loved dropping by and seeing my German family, drinking wine and talking all night!

My summer volunteer work is ending tomorrow! Final meeting went well and I really did learn alot. But I also can’t wait to get out, travel and spend time with family and friends!

This weekend is when my jorney around Cambodia will begin. We will start off at Kratie. We will only be spending two days and a night there but I’m excited! Thanks to Jenny and her recommendations, I am very much looking forward to the trip!

We will be then off to Mondulkiri. I’ve heard great things about this place but I have never been there so I’m kind of nervous! In a good way of course!

The trip will be followed by 2 nights in Koh Kong and then I will be off to Sihanoukville to meet up with my friends. I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Hopefully I won’t be too nostalgic and sad after I come back from the beach because I want to go to Siem Reap too!

Anyway, stay tuned for my trips in and around Cambodia. It is going to be awesome! :D


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