Cambodia Travels: Floating on the River pt.1- Getting there.

This was one of the shortest trips I’ve done, but I have to say, the most memorable and the most amazing trip I have done this summer. Not because I did cooler things than trekking on elephants and have an awesome story to tell like going to the beach in a container truck but because it was truly a time spent with family, appreciating time, isolation, nature and the beauty of serenity. I had heard of Koh Kong and if you remember, back when I wanted to do a road trip and was planning my routes to and back from Bangkok, it was on my list. After that plan failed, we’ve been just traveling in and around Cambodia.

After we got back from Kratie and Mondulkiri, we were beat! My dad especially from all the driving. However, after a couple of days of rest, we were off again on the road, this time to Koh Kong.

One of the things I’ve been really interested in lately has been resorts, especially eco-resorts. So when we found out about an eco-lodge in Cambodia, specifically in Koh Kong, we were thrilled! The place we were going to, 4 Rivers Eco-lodge sounded amazing. And trust me, it was. From what you’ve read so far in my posts, I’m a budget traveler. I don’t mind sacrificing some luxuries for cheap and reasonable price. However, this was one of our last family trips and we were going to make it memorable.

4 Rivers Lodge

4 Rivers is not cheap. The range is about $135 – $220 per night depending on the types of the room. There are basically 12 tents in all in a long line. With a lobby tent in the middle, there are six on each side. All of them floating in a single line connected by a wooden walkway. At first I thought, it’s an eco-lodge, floating, in the middle of nowhere, I don’t expect something too fancy. I was wrong, it was one of the most clean and beautiful places I’ve stayed in. Each room had a lovely touch to it decorated with wood and colors of red. Each tent had a balcony in which you could jump right into the river for a swim.

The rooms are all individual tents.

A Twin room.

I love simplicity - and it was that exactly. All matching wooden furniture with a red color scheme. It was definitely spacious too!

Right by the door, this was set up to sit and look out at the river and the forest right across the river. It was the best view ever!

I loved the showers. Unfortunately not a bath tub but I loved it regardless! Technically during the day you can maybe shower with the door kind of open with the mosquito net closed since people can't really look inside.. but I wouldn't risk it. Although the thought of taking a shower while staring into the river and the forest was kinda irresistible. (Am I a freak? :s)

The balcony area. The seats were nice but I loved that I could just lay on the wooden floor. The stairs you see on the right lead right into the water. :)

I love attention to details. This little feminine touch and care to the room adds to the customer service - which by the way was not bad at all. The attention to detail also stood out when I opened the closet door and found little useful things like an umbrella, two raincoats, bug sprays, etc.

Booking is not easy like many other hotels in Cambodia where all you have to do is call and tell them your name, show up, stay and pay at the end. Since there are limited number of rooms, you have to pay before hand. If you are not in Phnom Penh, I think it becomes complicated. We called, booked two rooms but it wasn’t confirmed until we visited one of their offices at Cambodiana Hotel and paid around 50% of the amount. Cambodiana Hotel is not hard to find.. it’s on the way to the riverside right next to Himawari Hotel. The office was a little hard to find and we had to ask around. After peeking into several doors, we still couldn’t find it. I think we were caught lost on the security camera because eventually someone came down and asked us what we were looking for. They were more than happy to take us to the office themselves. After that, all we had to do was sign papers and pay. Done!

Getting there is a bit tricky especially because there aren’t too many buses that go to Koh Kong. I may be wrong. However, I know that the resort can sort something out for you. In order for you to get into Koh Kong city, you have to cross 4 BIG bridges – there are many small ones on the way. To get to the resort however, you cross 3 bridges and stop right before the 4th one and go under the bridge. There, you will find nothing but water and a patch of land. However, on the wall, it will read “4 Rivers Lodge, call xxx-xxx-xxx.” Call that number, tell the resort you are there and someone wearing the 4 Rivers Lodge t-shirt will come find you, load your things in their boat and take you there. Check-in time is not until 2pm so you might want to coordinate that well!

If you drive there yourself, there is a parking area with a security guard so that should be all settled! Once you get in the boat, it’s a 20-30 minute long boat ride deep into the river. Not complaining though because the view along the way is just beautiful. The river is not as muddy and dirty-looking as the mekong river in the city. It’s quiet, calm and relaxing.

On the boat.

 Now that we got all the logistics and promotional stuff (which I should be getting paid for – just kidding :P) out of the way, look out for Pt. 2 on my awesome time in Koh Kong.


2 thoughts on “Cambodia Travels: Floating on the River pt.1- Getting there.

  1. I hope you are getting a commission :P because your review is really nice and pictures are really inviting, after checking the price, yeah it’s quite expensive but will definitely keep this resort in mind for a next travel !!

    • Haha! I wish I was getting commission too – it is pricey but it’s a great getaway – nice to be in the midst of nature and not do anything but just swim and relax :) Hope you have an awesome time in Koh Kong! Let me know how your travel goes!

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