Digression: Currently in Boston

I know that this may throw some of you off since my blog mainly focuses on travels in Southeast Asia (especially Cambodia) and was supposed to capture my experiences during the summer back in a place I call ‘home’ but with lots of blog posts still on the way, I can’t neglect the fact that I am not in Cambodia anymore.

I wanted to give you a brief update on what’s been going on and such. After 3 wonderful months in Cambodia, I am now back in Boston to finish off my last semester in school. As I mentioned in my previous post about my ‘conflict’ regarding my future, where I will end up after college, etc, that is exactly what I’m going through and feeling 100 times more nervous than I did back a month ago. Now, I realize that I am not alone on this – people who are not TCKs go through the same anxiety issue. And I know I complain a lot and say that the fact that I am an international student doesn’t help. Which is true, it doesn’t. But in the end, all it comes down to is that I focus on what I am supposed to be doing, do the best I can in doing what I do.. but not neglect the future. I am a natural planner.. so I plan and I worry.. this sometimes prevent me from completing what I should be doing right now – such as doing my work due tomorrow morning for my business minor.

Basically being back, I’ve been missing the simple, laid-back, slow life back in Southeast Asia but also have been too busy to feel too nostalgic. I’ve took on yet another internship with a great PR firm here.. and I am taking some great classes getting hands-on experience in the public relations field.

Apart from that, my sister has come to join me at my school and is having the same adjusting issues I did back in my first year. Although, she has me so it’s not as bad as my first year – all alone half way across the world.

I’ve been taking her out to places to show the beautifulness of Boston since all she’s really looked at has been school, her dorm and my apartment (in the sketchy college town). We went to Harvard Square on Friday where there were so many awesome Farmer’s Markets. The weather was beautiful!

On Saturday, I wanted to take her to the harbor (my favorite spot in Boston since it was the first place I went to when I came to Boston and my parents were with me – so it reminds me of them) and found out that there was a Boston Arts Festival going on. That was a lot of fun – we are both suckers for Arts – although we have different tastes in a lot of things, we appreciate our differences and hear each other out on why I like certain things and why she likes certain things, etc. After our walk around and a bowl of clam chowder, I was energized and it reminded me of how Boston really is beautiful and why I love this place.

Southeast Asia is amazing and I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss it but after-all indulging is about taking in – and what can be better than indulging on your present and your surroundings while you can. If there’s one thing I’ve learned – it’s never take things for granted and I am not taking Boston for granted – I never know when I’ll have to leave and I know I hate to admit it but it has become my second home – for now.

I always love Government Center by the city hall. There's always something going on - if the weather permits that is!

On our way to the Quincy Market

Samuel Adams! My sister, being the beer addict she is (oops, not allowed in the US), had to take this picture

The sky was absolutely gorgeous that day.

Ahts! The true way of saying Arts!

This is a funny story. So.. we are walking in.. and we see the back of this thing thinking - it looks like an elephant.. or a big hobo.. and when we get to the front, we see this. HAHAHA creeepy!

Then, he/she/it started making a weird grunting noise 'uhhhhhhhh' and then started shaking (yikes) and started spitting out a T-shirt. HAHA! So we were like yay! and grabbed two t-shirts. Success!

My sister said "Can I have a small one instead?"

On the way to my favorite spot on the harbor.

There was a little kid section too and they got to paint on walls. I wanted to join.

Vibrant colors - I love it! Kids are so bold when it comes to drawing, painting and adding colors. They don't think about what color matches what, what will look pretty, etc. They go with their gut instincts and their favorite colors.. Something I wish I could do again.

Quincy Market

My sister had to take a picture with the Boston door!

There was live music as well, which we got to enjoy sitting on the grass!

This came out a little funky - I don't know why.. may be the exposure. Anyway, the view from my favorite spot in all of Boston.

I think this one loved getting photos taken. It stayed for a while.

Here's a close up. Look at the beautiful eye!

Love the color of the water in the background.

My sister was so proud of this shot - a quick shot before crossing the street!

Not all of these pictures were taken by me – my sister takes some amazing photos! Also, check her blog out. She writes under the title ‘Transition.’ The title pretty much says it all but it’s about her transitioning life from Cambodia to Boston.


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