Cambodia: Looking to party this winter?

So I just came across this event and I am very annoyed that I won’t be in Cambodia anytime soon – especially not during this event! Apparently there’s a week-long festival called Totally Resurrected from 25th December until 1st January, 2012. All 7 days is just $100. That’s ridiculous! 7-day music festival for $100 – not to mention with DJs from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD.

You can tell I am very jealous and wish I could attend. It’s also near Sihanoukville, the beach! Check out the website for more information, visit their website at It sounds too good to be true!



2 thoughts on “Cambodia: Looking to party this winter?

  1. Hello,it’s sound good and it’s true !
    If you have some doubt ,contact us directly,you find our contacts on the website .
    Effectively ,it s not easy to organize this events,but we try to make our best and we need help instead of people who speak shit without know us.
    Thank you for calling
    Val Kavalkade ,one of the organizers

    • Definitely think it’s a cool idea and really wish I could join! It’s always tough the first time – hang in there and send me if there’s anything you’d like to share and I’ll gladly post!

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