Digression: The Disappearing Boeung Kak Lake #Cambodia

For those of you who have lived in or traveled to Cambodia before, you might know the infamous Boeung Kak Lake. It was known as the backpacker district and a lot of poor families lived around the area. Since a couple of years ago, it has been undergoing constructions and development. This video really made me sad realizing that another part of Cambodia, a part of what I remember is disappearing forever. It’s also not pleasant at all witnessing people watch hopelessly as their houses get destroyed.

I visited what was remaining of Boeung Kak Lake beginning of August for a photo walk (click here for the post). It seems as though more houses have been destroyed since then.

I found a blog called Save Boeung Kak Campaign but seeing as how it is Cambodia we are talking about, I think money and development wins petitions any day… sadly.


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