Cambodia Travels: Making our way to the temples

If there is one thing I definitely took for granted (amongst thousands of other things) while I lived in Cambodia – is the easy access and opportunity to visit Siem Reap and the beautiful temples. People always talk about the temples and when some find out I lived in Cambodia, the first thing they say is ‘you must have visited Angkor Wat alot.”

Wrong – that’s like saying to a New Yorker “Do you see the Statue of Liberty everyday?” I guess when you live there and always think that you can visit anytime you want, you just stop making the effort. And then, when it gets close to leaving, you run out of time and regret over and over again but say to yourself.. ‘It’s ok, I’ll be back.” Well… that was my attitude anyway.

I went for the first time in 8 years last Christmas. Yes.. first time in 8 years. The last time I was there was in 6th grade for a class trip – obviously, the biggest hype about the trip was getting out of school and hanging out with friends all day, every day. So the temples were the last thing on my mind. Did I appreciate any of the things I saw? Honestly, I don’t even remember going to the temples apart from the fact that it was really hot and we were busy running around trying to see who could climb the stairs faster (we were twelve).

Even when I went back last Christmas, it was all about going on a holiday. My parents have been there ALOT of times so they wanted us to do a quick tour of the temples in a few hours. So it was just.. get out of the car, walk around, get in the car, drive. The whole scene to me was ‘been there, done that’ so nothing special there.

However, this summer – the beginning of this blog – it was all different. I was in Cambodia because I wanted to appreciate. It was like I was ready to take in whatever I could see and be fascinated by it like I was there for the very first time.

Hence, I set off a trip to Siem Reap with my best friend, her friend from England and her mom on a 2 day 3 night trip to Siem Reap.

Where did we stay?

Casa Angkor 

There’s nothing too special about this hotel – no real atmosphere to it and is just a hotel. It’s clean – conveniently located near the city. Price is reasonable. There are so many beautiful hotels around Siem Reap but they are quite pricey. There are cheap ones around but they are not necessarily clean.

I didn’t have any problems staying at Casa Angkor. So if you are looking for a hotel and really can’t find any – either because of price or quality, I would say Casa Angkor is a safe bet.

Oh.. I hate to do this to you but I really don’t have any pictures of the hotel. Feel free to check out the website! Sorry! I hate reading posts with no pictures too.

However, look out for my next post! :) Oh, and while you wait, check out my previous post, an animated video on what it would have been like to live during the Angkor Period.


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