The New You Resolution: 10 ways to deal with my Last-Semester-Senior-Year Dilemma.

I haven’t really been myself lately. Start of my last semester at university came too fast for me and everything all piled up at once. I am already farrrr behind and I feel like I’m rushing through everything. My body’s not taking it well, I am having frequent emotional panics/breakdowns and I am… FREAKING OUT! So.. I decided that this needs to change.. and really it’s more of a mental note but I need to write it down, get it out there and make it official. Now that it’s out in the open… I know I can’t back down. I can’t.

  1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep – This means going to bed early for
    me. I’m an early riser anyway- I’m usually up by 8 am on most of my days and 6
    am on some days. Going to bed between 10 pm and 12 am will not be easy –
    especially on days I have class until 9 pm but I’m going to make this a habit.
    I used to think sleep is for losers (haha – no.. I didn’t really). I did
    however, think that I didn’t need too much sleep and I always felt like I was
    falling behind if I was spending time sleeping rather than doing something else
    (like checking Facebook..WHAT?) but I would much rather sleep and wake up early feeling fresh and ready to start my day than to be sleep deprived zombie all
    the time.
  2. Going on a 5-day no-meat diet. Now.. I’ve said it out loud and published
    it so I need to stick with it. I’m definitely one of those people that try and
    eat everything. So… going on a no-meat diet for 5 days a week is a BIG DEAL.
    Note that I didn’t say ‘vegetarian’ diet. I don’t have the mentality that vegetarians
    and vegans have so I don’t want to disrespect their strong will and be a fake
    vegetarian – especially since my reason is entirely health-related. I really
    admire vegetarians and vegans… and I don’t plan to even try. That being said,
    the reason I am doing this is entirely health related. I’ve started to notice
    how eating really affects my body, mood, energy and stress level so I decided
    to become more of a conscious eater. I will load my meal plan soon.
  3. Carrying on from that – I am also banning ALL fried food. As much as I
    love burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and FRENCH FRIES (I really do love French fries),
    I am banning them altogether – for a month… for now. We’ll see how it goes. I’m
    not really against junk food because I think it’s ok to allow yourself to eat
    them once in a while but… I have been letting myself too much lately.
  4. Yoga – I already practice yoga a several times a week but it’s
    usually when I feel like I should go. I’m going to keep doing this but going to
    make it more regular. Thanks to Back Bay Yoga and Sweat and Soul Yoga, I don’t
    have to feel like I need to commit and get a membership. I will try to go at
    least three times a week.
  5. ‘Me’ Time – Allowing offline free time at least 2 hours a week.
    Planning to spend this time mostly outdoors walking around taking pictures or
    reading. This may involve traveling to places I haven’t been yet around Boston.  I know that the upcoming New England weather is not going to make this easy but I think it’s necessary for me to just for a couple of hours STOP thinking about school, work, job searching, chores, etc. I’m going to pick up a book I actually WANT to read and disconnect myself completely. Best way to do this, leave my phone at home. I did this a lot back in Cambodia – since there was no one to call me really – and I didn’t have the luxury of having 3G everywhere I went.
  6. Having a more set schedule. I am usually pretty good at this. I
    have a planner with me and I always plan a week ahead noting down everything
    that is coming up and making a checklist of things I need to do. However, I don’t
    really include minor things like ‘cleaning my room’ or ‘making myself dinner’
    into my schedule… which consequently all end up not happening too. So… I’m
    adding those in. ‘Laundry – check!’
  7. Blogging more. I know… I’ve been a slacker lately. I can tell by my
    drastically low site stats. Oops. I still have a ton about Cambodia to blog
    about but trying to do that while also living my current life is a bit of a
    juggle. Trying my best to get those out of the way and hopefully I’ll get a
    chance to let you know what I’m ACTUALLY doing or what I’m up to at the moment. Which… if you haven’t noticed yet… I’m in Boston and frantically looking for a job. Someone HIRE ME! Anyway… if you are wondering how blogging more is going to help me in anyway… I have realized blogging is definitely my way of articulating my feelings and experience. It’s not a new idea since I know a lot of bloggers feel this way but actually writing things down instead of thinking really helps me articulate my ideas and it’s relieving to do that.
  8. Coming up with a bucket list. Yes… I am going to do it. I am going
    to come up with my own bucket list because I see other travel bloggers come up
    with theirs and as they check off the list one by one… I get pretty jealous –
    haha. I’m doing this more because I want to be working toward tangible goals
    knowing that working really hard toward it will get me somewhere (not the
    mentality I’m having lately regarding job search – which has discouraged me to
    some extent. Therefore, I will let my bucket list prove myself that I can
    accomplish whatever I want- hopefully!)
  9. Meeting up, talking to and contacting more regularly with the people I
    love and care about.
    I have the tendency to kind of hide in the closet and
    lock everyone out when I’m under stress. And then I turn around and say – why is
    there nobody around? Yea – I know. MY FAULT. So… I’m going to make the effort to see and connect with the people that I really love and tell them that I do
    genuinely care about each and every one of them.
  10. This is a big one but this is something I know that will cure EVERYTHING that is going on with me right now. Volunteer once every two weeks. I was
    originally going to put once a week but then I realized that with all the things
    I already have on my list, I would be lying to myself if I said that I was
    going to volunteer once a week. Who am I kidding? But I’m going to take the
    time off at least once every two weeks to get out there and volunteer. I used
    to do this a lot back in high school and first couple of years of college but
    have failed to do so recently. I know for a fact that this is the fastest way I
    can make myself feel happy and accomplished and really add on to the value of
    my life. Usually Boston Cares is a great place to find volunteer opportunities.
    If you are in Boston and would love to join me, please feel free to let me
    know. I would love a volunteer buddy!

So there you have it. My 10 ways to a brand new me!  Do these look tangible?
Do you have a list of your own? Anything on this list you would like to try?


7 thoughts on “The New You Resolution: 10 ways to deal with my Last-Semester-Senior-Year Dilemma.

  1. Catching up with the online world after running around a lot in China, it’s great to catch up on your blog. How is it going with your resolutions – that’s a pretty hefty list you made for yourself!! Hope you’re well and that the changes are helping! :-)

    • So good to hear from you. I’ve been catching up with your trip in China and I’m so jealous. I wish I was traveling right now. I’m trying to make most out of my time in Boston right now – it has its ups and downs but it’s not too bad. It snowed here the other night.. in October! How’s the weather in China??

      • My family in the States is in Connecticut, so I heard all about the snow – crazy!! Hope you had a nice Halloween despite the weather. China has been cold – but no snow for us. We’ve got one week left here. We’ve done a lot but I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. It’s been amazing, I can definitely recommend visiting when you have a chance! :-) Sending you good vibes from over here, hope that your week is a good one!

      • I heard Connecticut was hit pretty badly! Boston wasn’t as bad – we had a mini snow storm but no power cuts or anything – thank goodness! Still.. it’s a little scary to see snow in October because that might mean ALOT of snow this winter. However.. it is New England – so no big surprise! Haha! Hope your family is ok – I hear some places still don’t have power! I’m so jealous of your trip in China – It’s such a big country with so much culture that I feel like you need a lot of time to really experience everything. I’ve only been to Taiwan but I really want to go to China one day – I should probably seeing that I have been learning the language for a long time now and starting to forget everything! haha Where’s your next destination?

      • Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply. Sometimes I forget to check back. :-P Hey, are you on facebook? Anyway, I can DEFINITELY recommend visiting China. I have loved it so much – and much more than I had expected to. There is some truly amazing and incredible stuff here, although sometimes you have to dig a big to get past the ready-made-for-tourists stuff. Hope all in Boston is going well.

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