Daylight Saving – The first time I travelled back in time. #TCK

As someone from Cambodia who had NEVER heard of such a thing before, my first daylight saving time back in 2008 was horrifying and so, very confusing. People didn’t think to tell me about it (I’m sure people assumed I knew) and even if I was told, I doubt I was listening or taking it in. The moment the time went back an hour, I was sitting in my room all alone confused and lost. Thank goodness I lived in a dorm and could go out and ask.. “uh.. what time is it…?”

Anyway, the whole point of this story is to tell you that there is no such thing as daylight savings in Cambodia and I kind of do not like daylight savings because it gives me an hour and then takes it back from me anyway later on in the spring. AND having one hour behind just means that now, it is completely pitch black at 5pm and is just too depressing! Even just a week ago, it was daylight when I got out of work. Now, this is what I have to walk out to:

Responding to The World Wanderer‘s comment below, this map I found is so interesting!

This explains why my mom knows what ‘summer time’ is (since S.Korea used to observe daylight savings… but N.Korea.. not..?) and why I had no idea what daylight savings was since it never existed in SE Asia. So cool!


2 thoughts on “Daylight Saving – The first time I travelled back in time. #TCK

    • There’s no daylight savings in Asia. Well, from my experience, none in Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam… Asia. haha It’s so strange. I didn’t know they had daylight savings in Ireland – so bizarre!

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