Ambre: Mix of Chic and Elegant

I just wanted to do a quick post because it was timely and somewhat relevant to what I was up to last weekend, and what is in Cambodia.

So, last weekend, I was in New York for a wedding. Took me a while to decide what I should wear but I went for what I thought was the best choice and what I thought would be comfortable in. I’ve browsed through a few dress shops in the US both offline and online but really couldn’t find the style that I wanted. I decided, therefore, to go with my go-to designer, Romyda Keth, a designer based in Cambodia with the famous boutique, Ambre. It is definitely one of my favorite stores because you can literally find your one-of-a-kind dress. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous with a mix of French and Southeast Asian style. The material is comfortable and the prices are very reasonable. The particular dress I wore was a simple, classy, black dress with purple beads in the middle and it was just a little over $100 (which I don’t have a picture of at the moment). Way better than what I can find here in the US with that price.

Apart from dresses, they have other formal/informal clothese, children’s clothes/dresses, wedding dresses, accessories, and many more. Also, they will be more than happy to design and make a special one for you once they take your measurements and know what fabrics you want!

Although there are many boutiques in Cambodia (which I will defintiely do a post on), Ambre is definitely one that you should visit! There’s a small Ambre store in the airport for those of you that might have missed it in the city.

37 St.178
TEL: +855 (0)23 217 935
+855 (0)12 688 608


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