Cambodia Travels: Patterns of Angkor

I have not done any travel related posts lately and I feel so guilty. So here’s a quick post! Feel free to let me know if you have any post suggestions and I will dedicate it to you! :)

As you know from my previous posts, I LOVE, absolutely love colors and patterns. So of course this is what I focus on for most of my trips in and around the temples of Angkor. The details and patterns on the walls.. the sanscrit.. just blows my mind. The intricate patterns and the delicate carvings are what comes together to make these temples even more amazing than they already are. Dare I explain the beauty I saw at the temples in Siem Reap? No. Which is why I love photography. I know my photos don’t do it justice but I think pictures really speak for themselves, better than I could in words. So, this post is all photos and no talk.

Patterns and Layers



Angkor Wat

Lotus vs. Water Lily


Every language is a pattern

Taking a break



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