Christmas in New England

Can you believe it’s December already? I know I am 5 days behind (haha) but I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that… it’s December already. I think I’m in denial – trying not to accept the fact that starting next Friday, my finals begin and in two weeks, I will be done with college – forever! ahhh!

Anyway, I’ve just been focusing on getting things done and haven’t been planning my Christmas or New Year’s holiday but my quick trip to Government Center last Saturday got me into my Christmas spirit.

I took my sister to ‘Christmas in New England,’ a year-round christmas store by Faneuil Hall. It’s such a cute store but I can only go in once a year – when it’s near Christmas. haha You can find all sorts of decorations here and I love it!

Since Cambodia is a hot country, we don’t really get into Christmas spirit despite all the decorations. Christmas is really a day to just.. go to church and go out to dinner. But I think being in Boston, my sister is definitely getting into her Christmas celebration mode.

This will be my first year spending Christmas in Boston. Past three years, I’ve spent Christmas in Cambodia, Hawaii and Cambodia. This year, unfortunately, I won’t be going back home so I’ll be here in Boston. I’m kind of looking forward to it – although I have nothing planned out so far. Let’s just make sure I graduate first!

Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall.

I love Faneuil Hall. It's always full of people and music. :)

Got my sister her very first Build-a-Bear for christmas and found Erik the penguin from Happy Feet 2.. ahh! I am definitely going back to get myself an Erik :P


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