Christmas Shopping in #Cambodia? Why don’t you try #EcoFashion?

I read an article called “Eco-Style” on Asialife’s newest edition written by an awesome writer, Jessica Marati. Christmas shopping in Cambodia was always hard because everyone shopped at the same places – The Russian Market. We even went to the same stores and knew each others’ routines at the market. It was not uncommon for others to have same clothes/items as you and it wasn’t that big of a deal that you were wearing it on the same day. There are more options in Cambodia now.. thank goodness.

Anyway, going to small stores that focused on Ethical Fashion – any places that sold Fair Trade items or recycled products and NGO-run stores – were my favorite ones to go to. There area plenty on st.240 and also around the Russian Market. I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but it took a while….

My personal recommendations are:


Friends n’ Stuff


Here’s a link to a post by an awesome blogger, @JessMarati, who is a guru on ethical fashion: The post is about ethical fashion showcase during Cambodia’s very first Fashion Week but she has other amazing posts on ethical fashion in Cambodia.


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