Surviving #Finals Week: 5 Things

I know I’ve been so awful with posting. But please forgive me! It’s Finals Week. I’ve been swamped with work, projects and finals but I’ll be done soon and will have more free time than I can handle so lots of posts to look forward to.

Meanwhile, I wanted to do a quick post on 5 things that are helping me get through my last week of college – ever.

1) This adorable video I cannot stop watching. It’s really motivating me. Haha! Thanks kid! I won’t give up.

2) Spotify. I know this sounds silly but I haven’t been more excited to get up and start working on my computer just so that I can listen to music – especially my friends’ playlists and discovering new music everyday! Definitely worth checking out!

3) Christmas Shopping. I won’t be doing anything special for christmas this year. Usually our family goes to Wilhem Tell in Phnom Penh for a dinner (Raclette and House Wine – THE BEST) but this year, my sister is going back home while I stay and tough it out (look for jobs). I’ll most likely spend it at church and go volunteer or something.. but doesn’t mean I don’t need to do christmas shopping. There’s so much on the list and so many people to shop for. I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping here and there on my way back home from work. It’s a nice little break. My favorite store at the moment in Boston is Fossil – which just opened on Newbury St. I love vintage collections and the store people are really nice. :) They have free gift wrap packages that they give you which are absolutely adorable as well.

Also check out Fossil's online Gift Shop! Just click on the image :)

If you are in PP and are look for gifts, check out my previous post!

4) Yoga. No kidding! I have been busy and telling myself I don’t have enough time to do anything but I definitely have enough time to do yoga. haha The other day, I drank 3 ice americanos, still couldn’t concentrate so I decided to go to yoga and it was perfect. My favorite studio is defintiely Sweat and Soul Yoga just because it’s right down the street from my house and classes are not too crowded. $10 cash for every class means I can go whenever I want without having to purchase monthly coupons, which is great! I only go to yoga when I feel like I have to.. or when I’m stressed so no commitment means it’s a good thing.

5) Suprisingly, the fact that I have nothing really planned after my exams on Monday is stressful but also kind of exciting. I’m definitely going to play it by ear and maybe do some spontaneous trips to NYC or Connecticut. It’ll be fun! :) I’m looking forward to just relaxing, reading, taking photos and writing – doing everything I’ve wanted to do.


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