Celebrating the 100th & Graduation!

With my last post being the 99th post, this is finally my 100th post! Ever since I started back in May, I didn’t think that I had the dedication or the persistance to keep writing but just seeing people read my blog and taking the time to comment and share thoughts on my blog has been more than enough for me to want to share everything I know with the blogosphere. I know that I’m still pretty new at this and that 100 is NOTHING compared to all the great bloggers out there but I wanted to take this time to say “Thank You!”

Blogging has really helped me in so many different ways. Through blogging, I’ve been able to rediscover things that I have been passionate about and really appreciate life and things as they are. I’ve been able to organize my thoughts to put them in words, expressing and communicating my feelings and not to sound cliche but discovering things about me that I never really paid attention to.

My sister is off to Cambodia very soon to celebrate Christmas and New Years. I thought I would be here in Boston by myself but I got a call this morning from my high school teacher and now a friend from Cambodia inviting me over to Connecticut for Christmas. I’m always grateful for the wonderful people that are in my life. I’m heading over to Connecticut tomorrow morning to spend Christmas with familiar faces from Cambodia :) If I can’t go to Cambodia, I will indulge on whatever little of Cambodia I can get in the U.S.

I also have wonderful people visiting me in the next few weeks and I’ll be with great company. It’s funny how when I’m back in Cambodia, Christmas is not a big deal at all. It’s just another day that goes by but now that I’m here, it’s really starting to feel like Christmas. I’ve just been delivering little Christmas gifts, holiday cards and Thank You cards this past couple of weeks. It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be.

I have finally graduated!! After three and a half years at Boston University, I have completed my courses successfully! :) I definitely did have a few panic attacks here and there during my semester but I made it – and that’s all that matters.

It does feel a little bit weird and surreal.. that I’m not a student anymore. I’ll be looking for jobs over the winter holidays and hopefully will be able to share some even greater news with you. Meanwhile, I’ll definitely take this time to enjoy a break from everything and explore Boston, so definitely look out for more posts before 2011 ends!

Few things that have made it so much easier for me to endure the past few weeks:

Coffee. Lots of it.

AND Redbull.

Buying and giving out gifts :)

Celebration drinks with friends.

Early Christmas present from Santa. Erik the penguin from Happy Feet 2. If you press on its flippers its bow tie lights up and it speaks to you in a really really cute voice. I love it!

I’m now off to drop my sister off at South Station so she can take the bus to NYC. Her flight leaves from JFK. I’m definitely gonna miss her and I’m definitely bummed that I won’t be spending Christmas and New Years with my parents and my friends but I have my own little surprises here :)

Happy Holidays Everybody and Happy 100th post! Thank you so much for reading.

With Love,



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