My Asian Americana: Those who cannot go home.

I was originally going to do a post today about my first walk in the woods in the U.S. and seeing a beaver dam for the first time ever but something more important came up that I wanted to share. So that post will come later.

I stumbled upon this video today through a friend’s Facebook page, who is actually in this video as well. This short YouTube video features a number of Asians, mainly Khmers who were born and raised in America, as Americans, but have been deported out of the country, away from their families to Cambodia — a place where they are connected to by blood and some cultural aspects but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s their ‘home.’ My friend’s quote, which he posted along with this video really caught my attention. He said:

“My Asian Americana has made it to the top twenty out of hundreds of vids that was submitted thanks to all of your love and support. but we are trying to make it to the top ten where it will then be decided by the votes of America. Win or lose from there we have won already. so please repost and share if u or anyone you know is affected by this injustice of deportation. Families are being separated. I understand that we ourselves have placed ourselves here by the choices we made but we have paid our debt to society. Im more concern for the children who will have to grow up with no father or please lets do what we can and it’s as simple as sharing.

The part that I bolded is definitely the part that got to me. Christmas is ending, New Years is approaching.. while others are spending wonderful time with friends and families.. some have no choice. Kinda harsh.. don’t you think? Not to be able to go back to your home, what you are used to, what you grew up with and your family… I know some may disagree but I thought I would share. It definitely opened my eyes to a whole new set of unfortunate events in life that I’m not always fully aware of.


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