New Year Resolution and Motivation

I wanted to do this post way before 2012 but I’m just getting around to do so. I would like to say that it’s because I’ve been soooo busy I haven’t had time to sit down and write but that’s not true. The main reason is that I’ve lost all motivation to do anything at this point. I’ve been stressed out and rather than dealing with things, I’ve been avoiding. Not that I’m stressed about blogging or anything because really, blogging is the only way I can articulate my thoughts and take things off of my chest. I’ve been stressing about life and this uncertainty that I now have to deal with. I’ve also been dealing with everything I have been stressing about the past few years… which I have never really given myself time to deal with and rather have kept myself occupied and busy so that I could avoid solving problems at all cost. But who am I kidding? I can’t stay like this forever sitting here feeling sorry for myself. I just needed a little boost and hitting the new year was more than a good reason for me to do so. 2012 it is.

I’m up and ready to put some routine in my life and figure things out one by one. “Don’t be afraid of the uncertainties. Be excited about the possibilities.” – is exactly how I’m going to change my attitude. I know this deep inside but sometimes just need a reminder or two. (Thanks lil’ one for the wise words.)

So here’s my resolution:

1) Get a Job. That is all.

2) Be fit – exercise everyday. I used to do this in high school and I was a lot more happier and cheerful – as far as I can remember. I was going to go to the gym everyday until I realized that my school already put me on the alumni list :( boohoo. So I’ll run around the Charles river everyday. Keeping myself active is key to everything..

3) Find a new hobby. A lot of the hobbies I have (like playing sports, music, etc) is hard to do on my own. I need a new hobby. Thinking running would be a good hobby. Photography is definitely one. Yoga. Dance – I really want to dance. Anyone know good hip hop/jazz studios around Boston?

4) Read a book a month. I’ll try my best.

5) Travel within the US more.

That’s all for now. I’ll think of more later. Today is Day-1 for me. Started my day off at the gym, sitting in Panera now to get some job search done and… off to a cycling class tonight. I scored a free indoor cycling class Sweat and Soul Yoga so I’m excited to try it out!

Hope you are having a great 2012 so far! :)


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