Late Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody. This year has been full of love, travel, emotions, discovery, excitement, REdiscovery, appreciation and indulgence. Of course, there were occasional huddles and challenges along the way but we got through it all. New Years is about acknowledging all the things around you, every detail, every person and every event.. thanking it all for it has once again have shaped who you are and who you have become over the last year. I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for.

I wanted to end this post with a poem by Bassam Tazari, who wrote a guest post for Holstee.

Can it be
that life has afforded me
the chance to be,
to sink or swim on a whim
while the earth spins on a pin?
Whatever floats your boat is buoyancy you see.
Can it be?

Can it be
that my soliloquy
can be heard
without a herd
through thick and thin
with legs to run up under the sun?
Whatever melts your butter
is heat aflutter.
Isn’t that neat?

Can it be
that my eyes can see
as far as they can see
up to what lies in
the edge of the horizon?
Whatever lights your candle
is the spark that’s aim became a flame.
Is it all the same?
Can it be
that our brains can admire
that which we can inquire,
before we must expire?
We better aspire
to live man-on-wire.
Whatever blows your hair back
is the wind, I grinned.
“Life is short”, I rescind.
Life is life. Let it be lived without chagrin.-Bassam Tazari

We hope that this year is full of joy & appreciation for the details of life around you. Many thanks for this eloquent and beautiful reminder, Bassam! – Holstee

I really love this poem and the commentary added by Holstee in the end. Appreciating the details of life around you is what makes everyday really worth looking forward to.

Happy New Year, Everyone.


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