Connecticut: Walking in the woods.

My 2011 Christmas was a little different from the previous years. Instead of the usual “Lets-escape-to-the-heat” holidays in Cambodia (and one year in Hawaii), I decided to stay here in Boston and spend a winter Christmas for the first time in a while. As you know, I was invited by a lovely family to spend Christmas with them in Connecticut. So I packed my bag and went over for a few days. I had great food, met awesome people and just had an amazing time reminiscing about the good old times in Cambodia. The family I visited recently moved back to Connecticut after years and years of living an expat life. I met them back about 8 years ago when I was in high school in Cambodia. Deirdre was my music teacher, Dave was our school’s librarian and Rebekah was in my sister’s class. Anyway, it was kind of funny when Deirdre said: “How are you here with us right now…?” Because if you think about it.. we never know where people, life and relationships can lead us. Sitting by the fireplace with Deirdre’s family talking about all the good times in Phnom Penh was definitely unimaginable 8 years ago. If there is one thing I can say about expat life and meeting people in a different country is that where ever you go, despite whether you were close to them or not before, there is always this connection. And coming from a small international community like Cambodia, everyone seem like family and friends.

Anyway, Connecticut was fun. I loved just being away from the city (although Boston’s not a big busy city but it was good to be away in the suburbs nonetheless) and one of my favorite part was when we went on a walk into the woods. There, I saw, for the very first time in person, a beaver dam! It was actually really cool. Also, I love hiking, going on walks and just being in the woods so I had so much fun!

I am obsessed with fire. What started with burning pine cones turned into burning anything and everything.


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