Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

Today is Lunar New Year.. it’s January 1st, on the Lunar calendar. It’s mostly known as the Chinese New Year but many other countries, such as Vietnam (celebrated as Tet) and Korea (Seol), celebrate it as well!

In Korea, during this new year, we dress up in traditional Korean costume Han Bok and bow (Sae Bae) to the elders wishing them luck and health for the new year. They in return give children money, called Sae Bat Don. I’m too old for Sae Bat Don but still Skyped my parents to bow. Also, Koreans eat Dduk Guk, rice cake soup, on New Years day so my sister and I met up at my place to cook Dduk Guk.

dduk guk! :)

This year is the year of the dragon! Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! :)

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

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