Sambo the Wat Phnom Elephant Retires

If you have been to Wat Phnom in Cambodia, or have sat my the riverside during the sunset (around 5pm), you would have met Sambo, the only elephant in the city. Sambo has gone through a lot during her life time until he reunited with her owner. Since then, Sambo and her owner, Sin Sorn, worked days to entertain tourists. After 30 years of providing rides to the tourists and strolling around the riverfront after work hours, Sambo has finally retired. Sambo is too old and sick to make enough money to support herself and his owner. It’s not clear whether the government will bring in a new elephant in for the tourists but according to Sin Sorn, he has another elephant, a 30 year old named Chi Yol, waiting to work and support the family.

From Cambodia Daily. Captured by Ramon Stoppelenburg

Sambo in Wat Phnom. Photo of when I saw hm last!

Keep a look out for new elephants in the city and wish Sambo a nice, well-deserved break! :)


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