Words to live by: The @Holstee Manifesto

As you may have noticed, there’s a new addition to the side bar (on the right —>). I’ve added the Holstee Manifesto to my blog. I was first introduced to it by a great friend of mine who knows the founders of a really cool company called Holstee. They sell awesome products working under the idea of “Lifestyle design with a conscience.” Check out all the cool things that they do on their website! I also had the privilege to meet a couple of people who are affiliated with Holstee. I’ve met one of the founders, Fabian, when he was in Boston and we had an amazing conversation! I’m a fan of the whole company and its products but what really got me hooked at the beginning was this manifesto. Just read it and you will know what I mean.

I received a small card of the Manifesto, made out of Elephant Poo Poo paper… but I really can’t wait to move into a new apartment and have one of these framed.

What are some quotes or manifestos that inspire you?

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