Update: #Travel is more than a hobby.. It’s a lifestyle.

So, it was just over a month ago where I was saying how much this blog has helped me in so many different ways and how much I am grateful for all of you out there…(read the post here)

Well.. I am excited to tell you that after a month of dreaded unemployment life, I have landed a temporary position at a really cool company. It’s travel related, which is what I love, and it’s a PR position, what I am passionate about. :) Things do work out in the end.. for the better.. starting this blog had nothing to do with my future career goals but it has somehow saved me… and reshaped my focus, helping me figure out what are some of the things I really do care about and love. It’s cliche, but it’s true.. Everything happens for a reason.. just believe. Can’t lie.. life is pretty good at the moment. I’m going to try to enjoy the remaining two days of unemployed life and then, I’m totally ready to get back on my feet and do what I am most passionate about!



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