Happy Birthday, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Everyday!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I hope you are spending the day full of love with the special ones around you :)

Yesterday was my birthday and today is Valentine’s day. With my birthday just a day before Valentine’s, I don’t usually make a big deal out of… both days. I usually get a semi-celebration for both and a lot of chocolate as my birthday/ Valentine’s day present. This is my fourth birthday in the U.S. The past three years have been ok. Nothing too special. But this year it was a little different for many reasons.

Last weekend, my boyfriend decided to fly over to Boston last minute to spend it with me and celebrate early birthday and Valentine’s day. I’m sad that he couldn’t actually spend those days with me but more than grateful that he flew out despite his busy schedule to be with me. (Thanks Penguin! <3 )

He took me out to dinner at Taberna de Haro. Knowing me,  it was the perfect place since I love wine and I love tapas! It’s a Wine and Tapas restaurant from Spain in Brookline. It was a nice, small restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. The place was packed and a little too small but it wasn’t too bad. Make sure to call for reservations beforehand or you may have to wait.

I forgot to take a picture so I had to get one off their Facebook page. Sorry!

Our waitress was super nice and gave us great recommendations for food and wine. The food was really good too, and who can ever complain about tapas, right? If you ever decide to go, it’s located on 999 Beacon Street and it’s right off of the C line.

After dinner we headed to Alibi at the Liberty Hotel. I was kind of excited to go because I have always wanted to visit the Liberty Hotel. I will say, the atmosphere sure was nice but it wasn’t as cool as I had expected. It was very crowded.. and I’m not sure if I really enjoyed the crowd there. There were so many rules as to where we couldn’t go and the drinks were on the pricey side – not sure if I can say the drinks were good since I only got one drink but it wasn’t the best.

Once again, I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

As for my actual birthday yesterday, it was so good to have my sister here with me. I didn’t expect anything but she woke up early in the morning around 6 a.m. and made seaweed soup (Mi yuk gook) for me, which is what you eat on your birthday. My mom makes it for us on our birthdays and I haven’t had it in years. It was the first one I’ve had in four years and first time having my sister make it for me. Then, in the evening, she used up all they money she earned last weekend to buy me dinner. It really made my day and I have to say, both my sister and my boyfriend are pretty awesome :)

I also started work yesterday so I had my first day of work on my birthday! What an awesome birthday present :) I’m so thankful for life at the moment and really am loving  and appreciating every moment of my life. I hope you are too.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Every Day! :) 


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