It’s-Not-Summer Readings: The Hunger Games

I usually only read travel-related books and well.. I try not to give into the mainstream books or books that are in series (there’s no way I will read Twilight or the Harry Potter series.. I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies though but I really don’t think I could waste time reading all the books) but I gave in and read the Hunger Games. Not a huge fan of violence or killing so wasn’t convinced at first but my sister had it so I grabbed it.

Needless to say… I finished it in 2 days. That’s the fastest I’ve gone through a book. I’m a slow reader and I can’t read for more than a couple of hours but I didn’t let this book go last weekend and now.. it’s done. I’m waiting to read the next ones, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The book was very descriptive and I would say it definitely took me on an emotional roller coaster. I was literally tearing up and cringing as I was reading it. I think the beginning got me really hooked because I could kind of relate to the main characters’ thoughts.. I think most people with the oldest-child-syndrome will know what I mean. Even though the whole situation was not realistic at all, you can picture every scene in your head. Also, you can never go wrong with dystopian novels.

Waiting for the movie to come out soon. Check out the trailer:



3 thoughts on “It’s-Not-Summer Readings: The Hunger Games

  1. I loved this book as well and read it just as fast. I am a sucker for love triangles so I think that’s what hooked me. I enjoyed the entire trilogy but Hunger Games was by far my favorite of the three novels. I too, am eagerly awaiting the movie.

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