Blog Update: Friday Fantasy

I just completed my first entire week of work. I’ve definitely done internships non-stop for the past three years and was constantly working but this was the first time I was working full 40 hours (I did work full time when I was at UNICEF but that was just a summer internship – hence, no pay) and making money – yay!

My first week, very successful. I was very surprised to find that all those classes I HATED in college were actually the most useful ones. By that I mean… statistics, mass comm. research classes and theory classes. Who knew? And, as I have already mentioned, having this blog has helped me tremendously and keeps helping me. Knowing the WordPress and also knowing what it’s like to blog, I’ve managed to score some projects. So, bloggers out there who are kinda new to this like I am, keep at it!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to do this post was because I wanted to introduce something to you. For the very first time, I am going to do what’s called Friday Fantasy. What is that you ask? Well……

Working at a travel company, the biggest problem is that everything you do or look at, involves traveling. Just today I found out the wonderful places on the Bahama Island and all the awesome things to do in Germany. So I decided that at the end of the week, every Friday, I will put together five things that I fantasized about during the week.

Keep your eyes open for Friday Fantasy starting next week! Happy long weekend everyone! :)


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