Vote for My Asian Americana. #Cambodia

Few months ago, I shared a video with you called “My Asian Americana,” a post about deported Asian Americans, especially Cambodian Americans who cannot go home to their loved ones. The video was submitted to be a part of a White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders. They’ve now been selected to be in the top 11 and every vote counts. Please click HERE to vote for “My Asian Americana” so that their voices can be heard. Yes, they were deported because they acted against the law but they were deported even after they paid their dues. As Kosal Kiev, featured in the video, says “I understand that we ourselves have placed ourselves here by the choices we made but we have paid our debt to society. Im more concern for the children who will have to grow up with no father or please lets do what we can and it’s as simple as sharing.

For those who have not seen the video yet, you can view it here.



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