On nom nom: How to eat….. Fried Tarantulas!!

If there is one thing I have not tried, and.. well.. quite honestly, don’t know if I ever will, is fried tarantulas. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried many fried bugs before and I actually think fried crickets are pretty good (Angelina Jolie can tell you how much her family enjoys fried crickets). But, even during my 10+ years in Cambodia, I could not get myself to try fried tarantulas. I blame it on the scary movie I watched on HBO when I was little called Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo. The movie is so bad but it definitely scared little NaEun as the tarantulas infested the city and killed everyone. yikes!

Well, despite all that, I’m sure it’s pretty good. But… my sister tried it once and she just told me she would never try it again. She says it tastes like dried piece of grass with a lot of MSG.. haha – I guess I wouldn’t know what it really tastes like until I try it myself. Either way, I think it’s definitely something for the brave ones to try. I’m sure it will be a great experience. Gordon Ramsay did it, even though he had a very difficult time!

Tasty Treat!

Anyway, I found an article by Darrin DuFord  on WorldHum teaching us how to eat fried tarantula. Check out the article here.

Have you tried fried tarantulas? Did you enjoy it? If not, will you be willing to try it?

6 thoughts on “On nom nom: How to eat….. Fried Tarantulas!!

  1. I’m so glad your sister tried them and you wrote about it – so I don’t ever have to even think about trying this myself!!! ;-) During one bus ride in Cambodia our bus made one of many stops and this time I decided to stay on the bus. Thank God, cause there was a woman selling these things outside and she was walking around with a live one on her shoulder as a pet. Roman told me about it when he got back on the bus; I think I would have had nightmares for a week if I’d seen it myself!!! :-P

    • Was this the bus ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh?
      That’s when I saw my first live tarantula for the first time. It was when one of the ladies thought it would be funny to pretend to throw one at me. And, my sister can vouch for this, I am TERRIFIED of bugs and geckos.

  2. Bugs and geckos I can handle. SPIDERS however, not a chance! I get the chills just thinking about them! Can’t believe you actually ate one, phobia and all! Kudos to you! NaEun, let me know if/when you ever get around to trying it yourself. I wish you lots of luck in advance!! ;-)

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