Poverty in #Cambodia: Lynda Renhamcook discusses her recent trip.

I thought this guest post on Bucket List Publications was interesting so I wanted to share it with you. The post, Friends Without a Border/ Angkor Hospital for Children by Lynda Renhamcook discusses her recent visit to Cambodia, Siem Reap to be specific, and how she felt about the poverty she witnessed in Cambodia. This post reminded me about my trips back in July with UNICEF Cambodia. Especially when she talks about how people earn $7 a week and that many people travel miles and miles on foot with their children to get to the hospital. I remember when I was in Prey Veng with UNICEF, they told me that just going to a nearby hospital cost more than $7. That means a week worth of wages has to be spent on that one commute. For those that are too sick to walk an entire day to get to the hospital, I can’t imagine how hard it could be physically and financially. Also, the section about Mony was a special read.

Photo from Bucket List Productions

Check out the blog post she wrote and also check out her blog. Her writing is great but her photos are pretty amazing!


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