Friday Fantasy

My week has been uneventful apart from the fact that I was sick all week and the weather here in Boston is not helping me at all. My fever won’t go away, I’m coughing and sneezing constantly and I just feel miserable every morning. But apart from that, I’ve just been working and looking forward to the weekend. Like I promised, here are five things that I fantasized about this week.

1) Traveling to Greece: I don’t know what it is but my recent obsession with Greece will not go away. I know I’ve always been kind of fascinated by how beautiful it looks but at the moment, it’s definitely on the top of my list! The pictures show exactly what I fantasize about when I think of Greece. Not to mention, I love Greek food so it will be perfect!

2) Hanging out with Friends and trying lots of beer in Germany: I’ve been doing a lot of Germany related travel research lately so even though Germany was never really on top of my list, recently, it has been. Also, the fact that my best friend is from Germany and that I used to pretty much live at her house during high school makes me want to go even more. I also would love to see all my friends who are there right now. It always looks like Germans have so much fun.. or maybe it’s just my friends but I’m willing to go and find out!

3) Take photography classes in Spain: Spain has always been on the top of my list due to its vibrant culture. I love the colors, people, language, food, everything. Not to mention, Spanish wine is my favorite wine to drink along with Argentinian. Over the summer I met a Spanish photographer living in Cambodia and she told me how she was going back home for a year to travel and learn photography. This got me thinking how Spain is probably a really beautiful place to take photos of. I would love to take a year off to live in Spain teaching English and learning photography. One day, when I am ready. :)

4) Hiking, camping, or anything else outdoorsy: I’ve just been dying to be outside lately. I know it’s still a bit cold but I really want to go on a hike or rock climbing or something! When my family’s in Korea, we go hiking a lot and I love it! I love walking and being outside in nature so it’s perfect. I haven’t been able to hike in a really long time. I recently walked in the woods in Connecticut but apart from that, no nature for me. I even want to go fishing or golfing! haha. I just want to get out of the city, I guess. Not having a car is such a hassle. :( But I know that if I had a car (and knew how to drive!) I would probably go on really long drives every weekend – maybe it’s a good thing for my bank that I don’t have a car. Anyone wanna take me on a hike?

5) Just laying around in the sun and reading all day: All the above options are wonderful and I wish they could come true right now but in all honesty, it’s not realistic. What I really want is just to have a warm, sunny day so I can go to the Common, lay down and read/tan all day. I just want warm weather. I thought winter was coming to an end soon when it started snowing all of a sudden today.. sigh.. hopefully soon!

I do have a busy weekend though. A full day of PR conference tomorrow, which I am very much looking forward to attend and on Sunday, I’m going to be visiting SoWa for the very first time! So excited! :D

None of these photos are taken by me. They are all from!


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