On nom nom: All these photos of #KhmerFood makes me hungry.

There’s a blog called Khmerography by Phatry Derek Pan, which is made of mostly Instragram photos.  However, the photos that caught my eyes the most were his Khmer food photos. I am drooling right now. There aren’t nice (if not any) Khmer restaurants in Boston and I really miss the food back home!! Check out some of the photos I love from his Tumblr!

Chicken Poridge - This is perfect for when you are sick or hungover. Loved getting bor bor sact moan for breakfast!

Ginger Chicken!!!! This is my friend's favorite dish so whenever we went down to the beach, we made sure to eat ginger chicken.. best when you eat it with soy sauce and/or fish sauce.

We only had this when guests came over. My cook used to make it for us and it is amazing.

I am so hungry now. :( Check out more images of amazing Khmer Food on Khmerography. I’m going to be living on that blog now. Hopefully I’ll get to do a trip to Lowell soon. I hear they have amazing Khmer food restaurants.


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