The Rum Diary: Yes, Johnny Depp.

I watch at least one movie a week, usually two, and the past weekend, I thought I didn’t have time to watch any. That is until I spotted The Rum Diary at Redbox.  Put a big (naturally-always-sexy) picture of Johnny Depp on the main cover, it’s not that hard to convince me. Yes, like many girls, I am a Johnny Depp fan (that’s an understatement). I was hesitating between this movie and Rango but what made me choose The Rum Diary (apart from Johnny Depp’s face on the cover), was the word expat and the word locals. It had such an interesting description about having to choose between the expat life vs. respecting the locals’ lives. Definitely something you witness in Cambodia even today (Ehem! Case of the Boeung Kak lake – although government’s behind it – there is foreign influence too).

Needless to say, Johnny Depp was beautiful as usual – even with his quirky-ness.  The movie itself was.. ok. It wasn’t too eventful and I understand that it’s because it’s based off of a book, which is based off of a true story. So there are too many things going on at once, no REAL climax.. maybe a few ‘almost’ climaxes. But it’s not a dreadful or a boring movie to watch – it’s pretty interesting to see what life may have been like in Puerto Rico back in the 50’s and I do like movies that are based on true story, so that was a plus. The ending is a bit rushed and kinda leaves you hanging but I think that’s just how it ends in the book as well.

Apart from Johnny Depp, the beaches and the beautiful scenery of Puerto Rico is definitely worth noticing throughout the movie. Not that I don’t already miss tropical weather and the beaches, but watching this made it almost irresistible.  Check out the trailer:

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